Architects, general contractors, and business-owners can be confident that we take pride in our large-scale contracts; we understand that it’s critical for multiple pieces of a project to work concurrently with other elements in your space and maintain the integrity of your business’s flow.

We respect every budget and seek to present enlightened and cost-effective solutions -- that are custom-built and beautiful -- for your project or problem.


We seek to build close relationships with our residential clients and their interior designers throughout the customization process, getting a clear sense for their taste in design, materials, and themes, and then providing them with a beautiful piece to tie it all together.


After working in the sculptural fabrication industry for a couple of years, it only makes sense to produce our own inspired pieces!  Experiences with the folks at Demiurge Design and Kevin Robb Studios have influenced our creative thinking processes on the computer and in the workshop; which remind us to keep an open mind and see beyond the box...  Sculptural items are not a staple of our production but we love to get artistic!