Industrial Arts LLC -- Denver, CO


What time is it? (Fab:30)

As the lights flick on in the morning, we look forward to a new day... So what gets our pulse racing at Industrial Arts? The combination of music, CNC machinery and hand tools inspire us to create, and there is nothing sweeter to us than the smell of progress in the shop.

Industrial Arts was forged over two decades of turning wrenches and scraping knuckles mixed with technology and collaborations in Denver, Colorado. We’re committed to bringing technological innovation and access to crafted work on a personalized scale -- which is what industrialization is all about.

As a custom and semi-custom fabrication studio, our mission is to produce unique and well-crafted items and pieces of furniture. Our knowledge of materials and processes continues to expand as we participate in the ever-changing fabrication industry, and we’re always willing to explore new options with clients to find the right fit.

"Industrial Arts is the junction where the left brain and right brain collide."

We take the environment into consideration during our work, seek to source local materials and apply low-to-no-V.O.C. coatings when possible.