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2018 already?!

This freshly harvested rectangular tubing is about to get cooked up!

This freshly harvested rectangular tubing is about to get cooked up!

Hello all!

I wanted to take a virtual moment to thank my clientele from 2017 for placing their trust in myself and my abilities, it means so much to me, and I'm extremely grateful for all of the referrals I've gotten!  Last year was a great start to my identity reboot as a Denver maker/fabricator and I plan to continue developing my craft as I look to serve larger accounts as well as producing my own furniture designs...  A few of you may have had the chance to sit on my prototype chair last year, but this year I would love to start publicly selling it along with other thoughtful objects, finger crossed 2018 will be the year!

Since the Fall of 2017 I've been taking time off to be with my growing family but now I'm easing back into work... Fortunately I'm hitting the ground running with a lot of new projects in development with a handful of architects and designers around town!  Some things I can't really talk about due to NDA's and whatnot but still cool to be involved.  What I can say is that I've built a lot of furniture and a lot of railing this year and I expect that to continue...  The time to build a working relationship with Industrial Arts is now!

Please get in touch for project inquiries or shoot me an email direct with a request, thanks for visiting! 


Harrison Nealey