Industrial Arts LLC -- Denver, CO


In-house, April '17


Relationships Matter

We've been fortunate enough to have a few entities that we get to do projects for/with on a regular basis.  The rapport we have built with these folks makes discussing designs, pricing, and any other details a comfortable process. 

Here are a few progress shots of a job for Sjotime Industries, a company we enjoy doing pieces for.  


Tack it up

The legs have been tacked in position and ready for full weld.


Safety First

There are a handful steps that go into fabricating with steel (or any metals), all of them have their level of importance... Aside from the obvious things like turning on the lights or checking lengths before cutting, the most important step is wearing PPE (personal protection equipment); wearing one's gloves, reinforced-toe boots, eyewear, earplugs, welding helmet, and respirator will eliminate many hazards from a project.


Keep it Clean

Keeping the metal clean while welding keeps impurities out of the metal that could cause structural or cosmetic issues.  Cutting or grinding welds due to air pockets can also be a big hassle.  Making sure the metal is clean before doing any kind of coatings or chemical treatments can quickly make or break a project.


The Saga Continues

There's quite a bit more that needs to be done to get these pieces ready for their new home, please come back and visit here or on Instagram for more real-time project updates!