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The Value of Blogging

I've been told that a blog can help a company like mine stay relevant to my audience, so I'm going to give it a go. I used to blog a lot from my laptop but I think having mobile ability is a game changer. Thanks Amber, for the strong suggestion!!

The Tasker chair (Prototype)

The Tasker chair (Prototype)

For everyone, I'm developing a collection of affordable furniture for the creative professional.  It's affectionately titled "Tasker Studio". This chair is my first prototype piece, next I'll produce a desk and lamp, then other smaller functional items.  I started with the chair because it's the hardest item to get dialed in ergonomically, and it also sets the tone for the remaining collection. This prototype was designed in Rhino3d and produced on a 3-axis CNC router table, courtesy of my friend and fellow furniture designer, Dan Sjogren. The stain-grade plywood seen here will be upgraded to furniture-grade for production, the difference is the number of ply layers (5 versus 13) and overall material stability. I plan on having the full collection complete and ready to produce by the end of summer 2017. Gotta stay focused!

Harrison Nealey